Eco-L3: Globalization, Inequality and Redistribution

Spring 2023 Syllabus: here

Part I: Core concepts and facts

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: What is income? What is capital?
Lecture 3: Inequality between labor and capital
Lecture 4: Inequality between individuals: before vs. after taxes and transfers

Part II: Financial globalization and capital inequality

Lecture 5: The rise of capital inequality and the decline in capital taxation
Lecture 6: Global profit shifting and tax competition
Lecture 7: Tax havens and financial opacity

Part III: Distributional effects of international trade

Lecture 8: Dynamics of labor income inequality: market forces vs. institutions
Lecture 9: Labor market effects of international trade
Lecture 10: Trade, factor shares, and the dynamic of tax systems

Part IV: Regulating globalization, regulating inequality

Lecture 11: The ideal triptych of capital taxation
Lecture 12: Unilateral vs. multilateral approaches to international tax reform